First Nations Cup teams

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First Nations Cup teams

Post  mLy! on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:55 am

The nations cup is coming closer fast, so teams need to start organising and practising.
For now, I can present 3 teams allready.

Team Belgium
Captain: mLy!
Players: mLy!, Spey and Nautica

Team Poland
Captain: Donnie
Players: Donnie, Zuba, Tigero, Klisiu, DMP, SoSniak, Wacek, Longer, Ares

Team France
Captain: Grelouk
Players: Grelouk, Dilou, Playboy, Sebastienb

Please note, all team captains have to report to me or Donnie on IRC
Also check the Nations cup subforum for more info

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