Finally some Nations cup action !

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Finally some Nations cup action !

Post  mLy! on Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:52 pm

The nations cup had started last week, but no games were played untill last night. After USA took a default win over France, they had to face Belgium for a place in the final.

Belgium only fielded 3 players, but had the ping advantage over USA.
The americans used some good interesting tactics, but the three Belgians were too strong.
The score was 2-0 and Belgium advances to the final to face either Poland or Germany!

USA: Caseus, Nixito, Sucalakafufu, Boog
Belgium: mLy! Spey, Nautica
Cobber: 7-2
Farm: 7-0

There is no date set for Germany vs Poland, if they do not come to an arrangement before saturday, the match will be forced on saturday evening!

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