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Post  mLy! on Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:19 pm

General rules:

Only players on the team roster are allowed to play. Team rosters will be posted on the forum 15th of November.
A maximum of 3 players per clan are allowed to be on the roster of a team. But there is no maximum amount of players that can be on the roster.

Schedualing matches:
Each game will automaticaly be put on the first day of the matchweek at 20.00 CET (sunday). Matchweeks will be from sunday to saturday.
But both teams can agree to play on a different day and time. When both teams have agreed on a day and time, this has to be reported to an admin, so there can be a referee.
If no day and time are set before saturday, the game will be forced on saturday 20.00 CET.

Admins for this cup are mLy! (mouly_jr on quakenet), Donnie and Myrmidonas.

game rules

Games will be played 4vs4. If a team is not able to field 4 players, it is allowed to play 4vs3 or 4vs2. A team that has 4 players, cannot be forced to play with less (f.e. 3vs3).
If a team has only 1 player, they lose by forfeit, it is not allowed to play 4vs1.

Each match consists of 2 maps, each team can choose one map from the maplist.
The maplist is: Durango, Mexico, Newtown, Cobber Canyon, Santa Cruz, Dawnfort, Alamo, Hang'em High and farm.
Scorelimit is 7, round timelimit 3 and no timelimit .
All matches must be played on the sg.wars clanwars server.

If the score after 2 maps is 1-1, then a third map will be played.
Third map will be choosen by elimination: each team will eliminate maps from the remaining maps; 1 per 1 untill one map is left. This map will be played as third map. The referee will decide at random wich team will start elimination.

Only admins are allowed to spectate
If a round goes to a time out 1 POINT WILL GO TO THE DEFENDING TEAM

For the final, each player has to record a demo. If a team does not record demos, they will get a forfeit loss.

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