1day Cup 24 January

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1day Cup 24 January

Post  mLy! on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:13 pm

After all the eating and drinking of the past few weeks, its time again to pick up your pistols and shotguns!
#sg.wars will be hosting its first 1day Cup sunday 24th.
First match will be played at 17.00 CET. Times can be changed if it suits the majority of the teams better.
Matches will be played 3v3, all other standard rules will apply.
If all signed up teams can field 4 players, we will be playing 4v4.

Sign ups are open, just pm me on our IRC channel: #sg.wars @ quakenet
I will post more detailed info and time frame in the forum.

mS-Donnie: "it's far more fun when you're on my team"

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