First 1day Cup succesfully finished

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First 1day Cup succesfully finished

Post  mLy! on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:36 pm

For a first edition, this 1day Cup went very smooth. The last couple of games did ran late, but all games were played to the last round. We started at 17.00h with 6 teams in a single elimination format. After 3 hours of shooting, one clan was left undefeated. This first 1day Cup goes to mS who defeated Nox in the final.

In the forum, everybody is invited to write down their match reports, or give feedback about anything concerning this cup, or the next edition.

I would like to thank all teams and players who participated in this cup, special thanks goes to my fellow admins Myrmidonidas and Donnie.

mS - Nox - FAIL - BACON - GG - mW

mS-Donnie: "it's far more fun when you're on my team"

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