SG League 2 is Finished

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SG League 2 is Finished

Post  mLy! on Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:41 am

The Last game of the League has been played.
It has been a short but active League.
Clan Played R WonR Lost Points
mS 3 42 8 9
.45x 3 27 324
[FAIL] 3 22 28 3
Wasp 3 16 261
If we take a look at the ranking we can see that mS have the maximum amount of points, and win the league.
In the second place we find clan .45x with 4 points.
And [FAIL] clan finishes this league in 3rd place with 3 points.

I really enjoyed this league and want to thank all clans and players for making this league possible.
Hope to see you in SG League 3 !!

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