ms 2-0 .45x and ms 2-0 WASP

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ms 2-0 .45x and ms 2-0 WASP

Post  mLy! on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:06 am

mLy Donnie Grelouk vs zIu Sosniak and Myrmidonas

Some fast rushing and tense games, .45 a bit unlucky with spawn bug, and I had some lucky shots :DD
thx .45 <3

7-0 Cobber
7-1 Farm

mS mLy! vs Wasp:]
only 1v1 because Wasp only has 1 player and today is 26th, last day for the second game...
durango 7-1
Santa cruz 7-3

mS-Donnie: "it's far more fun when you're on my team"

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