SG League 1 STARTED!

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SG League 1 STARTED!

Post  Bodie on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:37 am

Let's start!

All games must be played before Thursday 2nd of July. It's up to teams to arrange exact date and time of the game and also organize for one of league admins to be present. You can use "arranging clanwars" subforum for that purpose:

8 teams have signed up and admins decided to divide them into two groups to reduce the number of games and time required to participate in the league. The groups are as follows (ranked by seed):

Group A
1. mS
2. Luckygen
3. Nox
4. TwB

Group B.
5. Frenchies
6. Bacon
7. Krypt
8. Juan

A quick review of rules:

1. Games are played 4vs4 in BR mode on the following maps: Durango, Mexico, Newtown, Cobber Canyon, Santa Cruz, Dawnfort, Alamo and Hang'em High. Only players who are signed up for the league are allowed to play.

2. Each game consists of two maps, each team can pick one map. High seed clan will choose which map is played first, lower seed decides if they want to start as Outlaws or Lawmen. Scorelimit is 7, round timelimit 3 and timelimit 20. If a round ends with timeout, defending team wins that round.

3. All games must be played on the SG.WARS server ( and one of league admins must be present during the game to referee. Exceptions from this rule may happen if both teams agree and the server they choose to play their game on is set exactly the way SG.WARS is configured.

4. Admins are: mLy!, Donnie, Infernus, Grelouk and Nixito.

Discussions about the league and games are possible on our IRC channel: #sg.wars on quakenet server.

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