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Post  Dike on Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:28 pm

Hey guys,

our clan is still searching for some good, fair and most of all polite players, which share a little passion for the intrinsic weirdness of circus. Hackers/Cheaters/Abusers aren't welcome.

For further information check out our circus tent:

Whoever wants to join must tell us his former names so we know a little about his SG history and provenience Smile
At the moment we consist of 4 players of whom 2 are quite inactive Rolling Eyes
So we are in need of new artists, who can jump the fire wheel. That means you will be challenged by us in a few tests.
Who was accepted to join further needs a name related to circus, so we can keep up the idea of our clan, e.g.:
- Fool
- Zany
- Goop
- Muggins
- Acrobat
- Tumbler
- Conjurer
- Magician
- Funambulist
- Contortionist
- Knife-Thrower
- Hunger Artist
- ...

We would be pleased to welcome u,
send us your application at our homepage,

[*~<|X0P]Buffoon aka wR''Dike

PS: Who still wonders what our clantag stands for can be told it's representing a clown's face. Just rotate your head about 90 degrees to the left.


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