Second 1daycup: the most exciting final so far?

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Second 1daycup: the most exciting final so far?

Post  mLy! on Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:19 pm

Five teams paricipated in the February 1day cup. Looking at the teams that signed up, no surprises were expected, but 'mixteam' (Grelouk -Itchy -Juaro) really surprised us all. Seeded 4th, they managed to reach the final, beating oldschool team BACON with only 2 players.

In the final they had to face another oldschool sg team, team mS. First map was chosen by mS as they were the highest seeded team. Underestimating the 'mixteam', mS didn't choose their best map farm, but choose alamo instead. Against most expectations, mS lost this map.
On the second map, mexico, things got even worse for the unbeaten team mS as they were down 2-5. But somehow, with a little bit of luck and experience, mS managed to still win the map and force a third map to be played.
Third map turned out to be...Santa Cruz. Again 'mixteam' won the first round, and soon they were leading 0-4. But then, under pressure, mS started playing really solid and won 7 of the remaining 8 rounds, winning the third map and the final after almost one hour.
Demos from the final can be found in the forum.

I want to thank all teams who participated, and special thanks to admins Smokey and Myrmidonas!

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