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Post  Bodie on Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:05 pm

Last game of today's Cup was very tense with Grelouk from mS clan mustering his own team to challenge his clan friends for a really tough game.

Trying to make mS team sweat for victory, after careful selection he decided to bring Itchy from mW clan and former LG member Juaro with him. They surprised mS team composed of Nautica, Mouly and Donnie comfortably beating them on the first map of mS choice which was Alamo.

Second map played was Mexico and also was tense but mS team started waking up around half of the game and after a long struggle with many bodies dropped eventually came on top of this one.

Being tied 1:1, map elimination commenced to pick the third location to fight the final battle. Strongest maps of both teams were quickly out and the final choice remained between Santa Cruz and Hang'em High. mS were picking one of those and they chose to play safe and eliminate Hang'em High.

First few rounds on Santa Cruz were won pretty easily by Grelouk's team which made them feel very comfortable about their victory. But with their captain losing aim and lagging at one point they started falling short which veterans from mS thanks to great performance by Mouly quickly exploited to seize the defending side for themselves for the remainder of the game.

Before the last round there still was hope for challengers but game was taking so long that Juaro had to leave unexpectedly leaving his two teammates facing warmed up and ready to take another cup home mS team. They managed to draw some blood that round but fell short one man and conceded.

mS won the game 2:1 and remains unbeaten. Thank you for participating and keep checking out this forum for news about future Cups and Leagues.

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Post  mLy! on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:17 am

mS lost first map and were losing 5-2 on the second map. Then we still won the second map and took the third after beeing down 4-0 Smile

On the last round juaro lagged out, but it would have been 1 vs 3 if he didn't so didnt really matter.

Was the closest game ever for us so thanks gre, ichty and juaro

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