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Post  mLy! on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:21 pm

Admins for this cup are mLy! (mouly_jr on quakenet), Donnie and Myrmidonas.

game rules

Games will be played 3vs3.

Each match consists of 2 maps, each team can choose one map from the maplist.
Higher seed has to choose the first map, lower seed picks the second map.
The maplist is: Durango, Mexico, Newtown, Cobber Canyon, Santa Cruz, Dawnfort, Alamo, Hang'em High and farm.
Scorelimit is 7, round timelimit 3 and no timelimit .
All matches must be played on the sg.wars clanwars server.

If the score after 2 maps is 1-1, then a third map will be played.
Third map will be choosen by elimination: each team will eliminate maps from the remaining maps; 1 per 1 untill one map is left. Lower seed can start the elimination.
This remaining map will be played as third map.

Only admins are allowed to spectate
If a round goes to a time out 1 POINT WILL GO TO THE DEFENDING TEAM

mS-Donnie: "it's far more fun when you're on my team"

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